Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Nicholas Sparks Novels

The notebook was a message in a bottle , found in nights in rodanthe , from the guardian who was having a walk to remember and he had the choice to open it , so he did. And the last song of his happy life was playing and it was dear John , so he realized that the wedding of his dreams won't happen , and his faith that he is the lucky one went away. After that he knew he isn't the true believer anymore. And she isn't the rescue for him from his nightmares.

My Quotes...

Sometimes best presents comes in worst boxes.

Why our beliefes are controlled by our fears.

You don't have to be the stronger, you just have to be the helper.

Have faith in your dreams because that is the only way to wake up with them.

The day Cinderella married the prince is the day that, I believed that anything is possible.